Hey Family.

I’ve Been A BIT Quiet About This One, As Its Been Quite A Struggle For Me. First, I Want To Sincerely Thank You All Who Have Been There From The Beginning For Supporting Me. Ya’ll Are BRAVE For That, And I LOVE YA’LL.

But, I Digress. Here Is My Dilemma.

In Times Past Whenever I Would Mention This, I Would See Likes On The Post….

BUT The Analytics Were Telling A DIFFERENT STORY. The Videos Are Barely Being Watched, No Matter How Hard I Work & Improve

I’ve Been At This For Nearly 3 Years, And Just Not Understanding With All The Time Sacrificed Why This Seems Like The Hardest Goal To Reach. I’ve Come To Peace With It And Will Do The BEST That I Can.

So This Is My Cry For Help.

Although I Am Less Than 1,000 Watch Hours Away From Reaching That Full 4,000, I Would Like To EXCEED That Threshold.

So I Write This In FAITH, On Romans 4 Verse 17 And Just Ask That You Share My Channel With Someone.

Whether It Is Twitter, Facebook Or Instagram: My Only Request Is To Share This To 1,000 People Who You Know Love To SMELL GOOD. I TRUST That This WILL Go Far, Even If I CAN’T See Where It’s Being Shared (Insert A Shrug Here)

Love, JessπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘


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