About My Most Recent Video…. Take Care Of Yourselves👑👑

Good Afternoon, Family!!

Just A Message About My Mòst Recent Video:

I Just Wanted To Let You All Know That The Reason I Blocked Out The Brand Of Supplements, Is Due To A Few Videos I’ve Seen Here On Youtube Where A Few Ladies Have Reviewed A Weight Loss Supplement, And Later On It Was Determined To Have An Issue And It Got Their Channel Deleted.

Since Then, Reviews Of Supplements In General Have Concerned Me, Even When I Want To Suggest Something (Content Related) To You All To Run By Your Doctor.

I’ve Used Fenugreek And Wild Yam Before And They Are All Natural Supplements that are also used in foods we eat, But I Just Dont Want To Take A Chance In Showing The Bottle In My Video And Jeopardize My Channel In Any Way.

The Brand Name Is Natures Way, And I Bought These From Amazon.

There Is Also Plenty Of History And Information To Read Upon At https://www.greenbush.net/

(Not Sponsored; They Also Provide These Herbs In Their Store To Promote Full Optimal Health)

My Video Nor This Post Is Sponsored Nor Am I Affiliated With This Company, I Just Personally Love Their Products From Using Them Myself.

As Always I Caution You All To Seek Advice From Your Primary Doctor About What Is Best.

Between You Both, You Will Find Out How To Best Move Forward.

Happy Cramp Free Cycles🤓☺

Love Jess👑👑

#CrampFreePeriod #PainFreePeriod #PeriodEssentials

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